Get a New Bestie, Save a Life

By adopting your new best friend from All Breed, you’ll give an at-risk dog a new leash on life.

We’re committed to making every adoption a happy and successful one. We’ve put a simple, tried-and-true adoption process in place to make it happen. Sure, the process might take a little bit longer than walking into a shelter, but once complete, the adoption will be truly rewarding and will come with education, training, and a lifetime of support from the experts at All Breed.

The Benefits of Adopting from All Breed Rescue & Training

  • Know your dog before you adopt. We put a lot into the “getting-to-know you” phase of our relationship with each rescue so we can learn all of our dogs’ behaviors and match you with a dog who best fits your lifestyle.

  • Get a dog rehabilitated by best-of-breed trainers. Our on-site, certified trainers provide proven positive reinforcement- and relationship-based training that’s customized for each rescue to prepare our dogs for forever homes.

  • Receive free education and training. With every adoption, All Breed provides:
    1. A one-hour Pet Awareness Workshop on successfully introducing your dog to his or her new home
    2. Positive training techniques
    3. One free training class selected specifically for your dog’s needs
  • Get All Breed support for life. We provide the follow-up support you need throughout the life of the dog, from answering questions to providing an additional behavior assessment.

  • 10 Simple Steps to Adoption

    1. Make sure you’re qualified. You must live in Colorado to adopt from us since we provide mandatory training and support.

    2. Complete an applicationFill out an application online or at one of our meet-and-greets. 

    3. Talk to an All Breed committee member. Receive an initial call from a member of our adoption committee to discuss your application.

    4. Meet the dog. We’ll schedule a formal introduction.

    5. Get conditional approval by our committee. We’ll review all the info we’ve collected to this point and determine if we’re ready to move on in the process.

    6. Take a class. Attend our mandatory, 1-hour Pet Awareness Workshop.

    7. Pass a safety inspection. Receive a home dog-safety inspection from All Breed. Click here for hints on preparing your home for your new arrival.

    8. Make it official. Review and sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee (typically this all takes place during the home check). All responsible parties must be present.

    9. Welcome your new canine friend! It’s time to bring your new pet home.

    10. Make sure it’s a perfect fit. After completing a 7 to 14 day trial period, during which time the dog can be returned to All Breed for a refund of the adoption fee*, All Breed office staff will call to schedule your free training session.

    *Owners can return a dog during this trial period and receive a full refund of the adoption fee. After this period, we will not provide a refund, but we will take the dog back into our care if necessary (refer to individual contracts for more on this). It’s our goal to send our rescues to a home where the dog is considered part of the family, and where the family is willing to make a life-long commitment to the dog’s well being.

    Adoption Fees - A Little Provides a Lot

    The $185 adoption fee covers as much as $900 of care and services:

    • Full initial veterinary care, including updated vaccinations, fecal exam, and initial vetting (Value: $60-100)
    • Pet microchip (Value: ~$35)
    • Pre-adoption behavior evaluation and training (Value: $130-$400)
    • One additional behavior evaluation anytime during the life of the dog (Value: $65)
    • One training class customized to your dog’s needs (Value: $140-$300)

    Preparing Your Home for Adoption

    • Remove or permanently cover metal lawn edging (see Home Depot or Lowe’s for products to use)
    • Permanently cover open window wells
    • If you have a fence, make sure it’s intact (All Breed will require a fenced yard for some dogs)
    • Store cleaning agents and other chemicals out of the reach of dogs