Behavior Modification

Sometimes our dogs engage in behaviors that can range from simply driving us nuts to being dangerous to themselves, other dogs, and their families. Have no fear—we can improve their behavior with these effective courses.

Canine Behavior Evaluation

Age Range: All

Duration: 1.5 hour

Requirements: None

Our Canine Behavior Counselor will pinpoint the causes of your dog’s behavioral challenges and determine how to address them effectively. At the end of the evaluation, we outline a program customized for you and your dog’s needs and provide an estimate of the time and cost involved so you can decide if you would like to go further.

We can help you fix the following behavioral problems as long as they’re not caused by a physical condition:

  • Aggression/reactivity toward humans
  • Aggression/reactivity toward other animals
  • Inter-pack fighting
  • Barking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Chewing
  • House training
  • Thunderstorm and loud noise desensitization
  • Preparing for a new baby

And much more!


Age Range: All

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Requirements: Canine Behavior Evaluation

Is your dog a wallflower? Learn how to help your dog overcome fear and anxiety. In a controlled environment, we use relaxation exercises, counter-conditioning, complimentary therapies, and confidence-building to help your dogs come out of their shells. 

Reactive Dog I, II, and III

Age Range: All

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Requirements: Canine Behavior Evaluation

Does your dog react negatively to other dogs by barking and lunging at them on walks? Learn handling skills and train your dog to work with other dogs in close proximity, address movement issues, and when ready, take your dog out into the real world to practice the new skills acquired in this class.